Waggin Tales

Part Dog has partnered with the local band Wilem “Hurricane” Simmons and The Severe Weather Warning, and they have transformed themselves into a roaming, roaring band of singing storytelling fools. Come join them as they pluck, play, and produce beautiful, musical fables from your suggestions and their own imagination. This show is so full of joy and raucous laughter that you will hardly be able to stay in your seat, and that’s just how they like it.
It’s a fun-for-all-ages, phenomenon!

Come join us, Fridays in May and bring your banjo, you never know when you'll want to sing along.

Part Dog is a small and energetic, up-and-coming performing group in the Chicago area. They have been playing up a storm since 2016, from stages all across the city. They’ve done punk rock Shakespeare, puppet shows (that are definitely NOT for kids), creepy, late night horror shows, and even put on a red nose to clown around a little bit.

They can be reached at partdogcomedy@gmail.com with any questions.

No performances currently scheduled