Lyons & Campbell

Lyons & Campbell are two twelve year-olds trapped inside the bodies of 30-something men. Their act combines sketch comedy, improvisation, stand-up, and any mixture of idiocy they can think of. Two of Chicago’s most versatile performers, when they come together it’s as if Voltron was formed, then immediately stepped in a puddle. Lyons & Campbell collaborated on the sketch comedy/talk show Talk Hard, which was named Chicago’s “Best Sketch/Improv Troupe” by The Chicago Reader. The duo has performed on numerous stages including The CSz Theater, Chicago Underground Comedy, 100 Proof Comedy, and Under The Gun Theater. They were recently seen on television across the nation as guests on Steve Gadlin’s Star Makers. As Jamie Campbell is now based out of LA and Steven Lyons lives in New Zealand, this is a rare chance to see them together before they are separated once more!

No performances currently scheduled