We Met at Nine

You know that thing where you’re all hanging out at a friend’s apartment and one person starts telling that one story everyone loves and everyone starts jumping in to add their own details? Or when you’re at a family dinner and Mom tells some embarrassing story from your childhood and you try to set the record straight but your siblings are already not only corroborating, but riffing on it?
Every shared story looks and sounds a little different, depending on who’s doing the telling—sometimes there are two conflicting accounts; sometimes they merge and complement each other and make something entertaining and beautiful.

We Met at Nine is a quarterly storytelling show at Chicago’s Laugh Out Loud Theater hosted and produced by Lindsay Eanet and Lindsey Schroeder involving true, predominantly comedic stories told by pairs. Each show features five pairs performing of any relationship—partners, parent and child, coworkers, siblings, best friends, exes. A story could be about anything—a first date, an ill-fated road trip, a science fair experiment gone awry—whatever memory speaks to both parties.
The name of the show comes from the Lerner & Loewe song “I Remember It Well,” where an old married couple go back and forth, each recalling their first date very differently.

No performances currently scheduled