Trump in Space

Star Trek meets Sondheim meets Battlestar Galactica meets Trump in this battle of good vs evil, ideals vs opportunism, and Trump vs space with music and jazz hands!

Set 400 years in the future, this sci-fi absurdist musical comedy imagines a humanity divided among starships seeking a new home. The left leaning Starship California leads the rebellion against the still-in-power Trump regime led by Captain Natasha Trump (Donald's distant descendant) and the mysterious Executive. Campy political musical comedy in SPACE! Which faction will be the first to reach Polaris 4 and establish the New Cosmic Order?

Come see Chicago’s debut of L.A.’s hit musical comedy adventure with script and lyrics by Landon Kirksey and Laugh Out Loud alum Gillian Bellinger, and music by Sam Johnides and Tony Gonzalez.

Best of:
- Los Angeles Magazine
- ABC7 Los Angeles
- Stage Raw 10 Ten Theater in LA
- 2017 Hollywood Fringe
- Festival Encore Producers Award
and the Second Longest Running Show at Second City Hollywood

All ages allowed. 18 and up recommended due to language.

No performances currently scheduled