Eclectic Trivia Night

Join Eclectic Full Contact Theater for a Big Willie Shakes Trivia Night, complete with food, drinks, and prizes!

Do you know what light through yonder window breaks? Do you know how to get that damn spot out? Are you sure you know whether the apartment is 2B or not 2B? Then get a team together and head over to Laugh Out Loud Theatre to show off your Shakespearean knowledge and support Eclectic Full Contact Theatre at our Big Willy Shakes Trivia Night fundraiser! Free Food! Prizes for the best teams, and a chance to bid on all manner of swag, forsooth! The Lowdown on what’s REALLY going on in all that fancy poetry! Tickets are only $15, so sign up for what shall verily be the hottest trivia contest this side of Stratford! And you might just find out what Stratford was doing on Avon all that time...

Phase 5 Reopening Guidelines

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