Introduction to Storytelling (Online!)

Everyone has a story to tell and this course provides an introduction to the tools and techniques to develop your own unique voice as a storyteller. Each 2-hour class will give students the opportunity to workshop stories, experiment with techniques, and receive individual feedback. All from the comfort of your home!


No experience required! Since this is an online class, you will need:
- A computer or mobile device (smartphone or tablet) with an internet connection.
- Zoom app downloaded on said device.
- A webcam (if you have a laptop or mobile device, this is built-in).
- A microphone (if you have a laptop or mobile device, this is built-in).
- If using a phone or tablet, a stand or a way to prop it up.
- A quiet place to set up your computer and enough room to where the camera can see you from the waist up.

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COVID-19 Procedures for In-person Classes

Please note we are taking the following precautions for all students:

  • Every student must provide proof of vaccination either in advance via email or at the first class.
  • Every student must remain masked with a KN94, KN95, or N95 mask for the entirety of class. If you do not have one of these masks, you will be asked to wear a surgical mask (which we will provide) in addition to your cloth mask. Bandanas, gaiters, and ill fitting masks will not be allowed.
  • Students will be asked to stay 6 feet apart when at all possible.
  • If a student feels ill at all, we ask that you NOT come to class.