Cabin Fever

The holidays are over and winter is in full swing. We know you want to curl up under a blanket until April, but we invite you to join us for some laughs.

Laugh Out Loud has the cure for Cabin Fever, a weekly show featuring our mainstage cast performing scenes, songs, and hilarious games right before your eyes. Every show is different and will make you glad you left the house.

This show is geared towards adult audiences. Children are welcome in the theater, but some themes and content may not be appropriate.

2022 COVID-19 Procedures

  • Vaccination card and current ID must be provided prior to entry.
  • Masks must be worn at all times. It can be pulled down to take a bite of food or a drink and then pulled back up.
  • All tickets must be purchased in advance.
  • For more details visit our full list of procedures and guidelines to see how we're keeping both you and our staff safe.
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