Round Robin

A veteran group of Chicago comedians get together every Friday night to try out their newest improv form. Seasoned players from all across the city put their wits and might to the test in this all-out, no-holds-barred, cavalcade of hilarity. Each week a new captain is assigned and is given the task to come up with a new improv form. This form is taught to the rest of the team that night who perform it with ABSOLUTELY NO FLAWS.

Here's the line up: The (*) indicates who is captain for that show.

6/1: (7) Soup, Caleb George, Andrew Mccammon, Lou Leonardo, Maggie Smith, Holly Lambert, Frankie Weschler*

6/8: (7) Gracie Schwartzenberger, Erin Island*, Andrew Mccammon, Mariah Michael, Kyle Mantegna, Alex Romero, Holly Lambert

6/15: (8) Gracie Schwartzenberger, Andrew Mccammon*, Mariah Michael, Kyle Mantegna, Maggie Smith, Holly Lambert, Frankie Weschler, Alex Romero

6/22: (8) Gracie Schwartzenberger, Mariah Michael, Lou Leonardo, Kyle Mantegna, Maggie Smith, Holly Lambert, Alex Romero, Caleb George*

6/29: (7) Soup, Gracie Schwartzenberger, Andrew Mccammon, Kyle Mantegna,* Maggie Smith, Frankie Weschler, Alex Romero

No performances currently scheduled