Annie Farwell

Annie Farwell hails from Arlington Heights, IL, but can be found gallivanting around Chicago these days. She studied Economics at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she learned theatre is how you can make the big bucks. To fund her online thrift-shopping sprees, she works full-time in the Finance office of Steppenwolf Theatre Company. She also produces plays of her own! Her originally-written musical Pocus Hocus: A Virgin's Revenge won the Chicago Reader's Best Theatre Production of 2022, and she dreams of doing it all again someday. Annie also performs with her indie improv team, Whimsy Lohan, who she loves and argues with like family. Aside from performing, she loves baking potatoes, talking on the phone, and being silly with friends. Catch her quick wit and character work in the Laugh Out Loud ensemble!