Food and Drink

Food Menu

Chicken Nuggets $6
Mozzarella Sticks w/Marinara Sauce $5
Giant Soft Pretzel w/ "cheese" $5
Taquitos w/ Salsa $6
Lava Cake $5
Candy $2
Bag of Chips $2
Bag of Cookies $2

Bar Menu

No minimum purchase required!

Sale Beer $4
Just Beer $5
--Miller Lite, Bud Light, Coors Light
Fancy Beer $6-$8
--312, Blue Moon, Corona, Founders All Day IPA, Fat Tire, Guinness, Modelo, Stella Artois, Sierra Nevada, Revolution Anti-Hero, Stiegle Radler, Rotating Seasonals
Kinda Beer-is $5-$6
--Angry Orchard, Cider Boys Strawberry, Mike's Hard Lemonade, White Claw Cherry
Wine $8
Well Drinks $8
Cosmos, Martinis, Fancier Booze $9-$11
Fountain Sodas (free refills) $3
Bottled Soft Drinks & Energy Drinks $3
Coffee $2