Classes in Schaumburg

Foundations of Improv

The basics of improv and ensemble, no experience necessary! Each session is six weeks, and classes are 2.5 hours long.


Building on the skills of Foundations of Improv with a concentration on creating strong scenes.

$25 Discount if you sign up more than 7 days in advance of the first class.

Improv on the Spectrum

Four week improvisation class for individuals facing social challenges and/or typically on the autism spectrum. Each two-hour class is on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30.

Intro to Long Form Improv

An introduction to long form improvisation. This 6 week class exposes students to the building blocks of long form, including openings, idea generation, callbacks, tag-outs and scenic through-lines. Students will come away with an understanding of how long form differs from short form, as well as a working knowledge of a few basic long form structures.

Short Form Topics

An exploration of the various types of Short Form improv games. Each 6 week session will explore a specific category of game in-depth, giving insight into the specific mechanics as well as providing tips and tricks for fun and success. Students will then have the opportunity at the end of the session to perform in their very own show and put their skills on display!

Intro to Short Form Improv

An introduction to short form improvisation. This 6 week class will immerse you in the Laugh Out Loud style of ensemble-based improvisation and give you the gameplay foundation necessary to go onto our Short Form Topics stream.

Stand Up

Would you like to give stand up comedy a try? In this class you will analyze different comedic styles used by top comedians. It will help you start to build you own set list through various writing exercises and work-shopping during the class. You will also learn how to deliver those jokes on stage and to be prepared for the strange circumstances that can happen doing stand up. This class will culminate with a final performance.

Anybody Can Take Classes

Whatever your background, improv is for you! Whether you're a barista or an accountant, an aspiring actor or a stay-at-home parent, our improv classes can enrich your life and help unleash your inner creativity.

Our program begins with an introduction to improv and scenework, and then splits into 2 streams of instruction - one focusing on short form improv, and the other on long form improv. Take one, or the other, or both. Sign up today!