Improv Level 4: Short Form Topics (in Person)

An exploration of the various types of Short Form improv games. Each 6 week session will explore a specific category of game in-depth, giving insight into the specific mechanics as well as providing tips and tricks for fun and success. Students will then have the opportunity at the end of the session to perform in their very own show and put their skills on display!

This session will focus on Relationships Onstage.


Must have completed Level 3: Taking The Stage or equivalent.

Choose a Session

Dates: Jan 10, 2023 to Feb 21, 2023 - Tuesdays at 7:00 pm
Cost: $200  (Early bird special: $25 off!)
Show Date: Sat, Feb 25 at 3:00pm Instructors:
Location: Schaumburg

A session with a special-focus topic; a chance for advanced improv students to put more instensive study into specific improv elements & tools. Class performs a live show together to finish the session! (Prerequisite: Level 3 Taking The Stage)

Current Sessions

Dates: Oct 25, 2022 to Dec 6, 2022 - Tuesdays at 7:00 pm
Show Date: Sat, Dec 10 at 3:00pm
Instructor: Thomas Toles

Focus: Relationships -- making a strong connection in your scenes. This class will focus on creating an engaging and entertaining relationship between the characters on stage, all while having a ton of fun with your scene partner! Students will learn to explore scenic ideas together through advanced improv exercises and games. Includes a class performance!

COVID-19 Procedures for In-person Classes

Please note we are taking the following precautions for all students:

  • We strongly suggest masking (and vaccinations) but do not require either. We have both surgical and KN95 masks on hand if anyone needs them.
  • Students will be asked to stay 6 feet apart when at all possible.
  • If a student feels ill at all, we ask that you NOT come to class and notify us if you test positive for Covid-19 so we can do contact tracing.